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and from our so ‘careing’ ‘big brothers’!

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Na Popa

One by one or together?

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Masks of fake democracy



The wolf-pack


image009.png How they exclude us



“F” Like Fake

Freedom is not left or right
Ask Hanna! Ask Ronny!

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Дай малко истина! Gimme some truth!    

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      by cartel prices

      miserable salaries and pensions

         by treacherous concessions

         by comrade procurements


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Direct Democracy in the World


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Fans of DD (links)

Societies for joint action nation- and worldwide

THE DREAMS of Bulgarian people - totally excluded from setting the path of their own country under closed pseudo-democratic system - CAN COME TRUE if they connect, negotiate, agree on a change all want and then manifest their will by “voting” with their feet in the streets.
But FIRST is to connect for conversation and for joint action without parties - in ubiquitous assemblies open for free and equal participation.
It cannot be easy – the Net is full of trolls and mafia moles but this is fight – there is not another way.

Let's invite people to open conversation at your place – no parties, no NGOs, no any other mediators!  



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